Body Structure

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Upper Jaw

Upper Incisor1

Upper Incisor2

Upper Incisor3

Upper Canine

Upper Premolar1

Upper Premolar2

Upper Carnassial Teeth

Upper Molar

Upper Jaw

Lower Jaw

Lower Incisor1

Lower Incisor2

Lower Incisor3

Lower Canine

Lower Premolar1

Lower Premolar2

Lower  Carnassial Teeth

Lower Jaw

Eye Piece

Carnassial Teeth

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Lecture Notes

There is also a special designation of four teeth known as the carnassial teeth. The carnassial teeth are made up of the last upper premolar on the top paired with the lower molar. These teeth are laterally flattened and provide shearing action for cutting food into small pieces before being swallowed. Carnassial teeth are a signature of carnivore dentition.