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Contents of Milk in different species

Milk in different species

Fat Protein Lactose Water

Dog 9.8 8.1 3.5 77.2

Cat 5.1 8.1 6.9 81.5

Cow 3.8 3.3 4.7 87.6

JSAP 22 (1981)

Picture of young womon, dog and cow

Lecture Notes

In this table we can see the differences in milk composition of dogs, cats, and cows. It is important to highlight a couple of points. The water content of cow's milk is higher than dog's and cat's. Therefore, we can say it is more diluted and with less nutrient content in general. We can see that in the fat and protein concentrations. In both cases cow's milk has a lot less, almost a third, of the concentration of those nutrients in dog's and cat's milk. On the other hand lactose is higher in cow's milk when compared to dog's milk. If we feed cow's milk to a puppy, he will not be able to digest all that lactose and it will be fermented by the intestinal microbiota. This excessive fermentation can cause diarrhea and bloating, which can lead to a very severe condition that can even end in the death.