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Lecture Notes

Kissing is usually our earliest interpersonal sexual experience, and its primal intensity may be traced back to our suckling as infants. Kissing is probably the most acceptable of all sexual activities. The tender lover's kiss symbolizes love, and the erotic lover's kiss represents passion. Both men and women regard kissing as a romantic expression, a symbol of affection as well as desire.   The lips and mouth are highly sensitive to touch and are exquisitely erotic parts of our bodies. Although kissing may appear innocent, it is in many ways the height of intimacy. The adolescent's first kiss is often regarded as a milestone, a rite of passage, the beginning of adult sexuality. The amount of kissing differs according to sexual orientation. Lesbian couples tend to engage in more kissing than heterosexual couples, while gay couples kiss less than heterosexual couples.   Ordinary kissing is considered safer sex. French kissing is probably safe, unless the kiss is hard and draws blood or either partner has open sores or cuts in or around the mouth. Image from McGraw-Hill Image Library