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Five Staffing Models

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Lecture Notes

Your book lays out five different staffing models and it ends with its own model what we call the book model, or the staffing organizations model. But each of these models is worth the attention. So we have the staffing quantity model. Staffing quality model which is actually 2 different models, like a person job match, person organization match. We have a staffing system components model and then the book model. So we're just going spend a little bit a time on each of these. The way I like to think about them is that these are synoptics staffing models. So synoptic typically is a word that means summary or an overview. Think of synopsis but it can also mean it's doing the same content from slightly different angles and perspectives, different lenses if you will. So you can observe a phenomenon from various lenses and you can each come up with unique perspective. So I see each of these five staffing models as peering at the organization, looking at staffing. But each offering a unique perspective.