List of Concurrent Online Courses

Check the list of online courses below to see if there is a counterpart to your face-to-face course. If there is, you can contact the instructor to ask for permission to borrow content to use in your online course. Use the U of I Directory to locate the instructor's email address.

Course Rubric Course Number Course Title Term Online Course was Last Taught Online Instructor
ACCY 200 Fundamentals of Accounting SP20  Peter Silhan
ACCY 503 Managerial Accounting SP20  Gary Hecht
ACCY 506 Advanced Financial Reporting FA19 Michael Kustanovich
ACE 240 Personal Financial Planning SP20  Craig Lemoine
ACE 427 Commodity Price Analysis FA19 Pedro Tremacoldi Rossi
ADV 281 Advertising Research Methods SU19 Sela Sar
AE 420 Finite Element Analysis FA19 Kai James
ASTR 330 Extraterrestrial Life SP20  Bryan Dunne
BADM 300 The Legal Environment of Bus FA19 Michael Fricke
BADM 310 Mgmt and Organizational Beh SP20  Shahbaz Gill
BADM 320 Principles of Marketing SP20  Shahbaz Gill
BADM 350 IT for Networked Organizations WS20 Vishal Sachdev
BADM 375 Operations Management WS20 Nehemiah Scott
BADM 380 International Business WS20 Marcelo Bucheli
BADM 544 Strategic Management SP20  Elizabeth Luckman & Deepak Somaya
CHEM 102 General Chemistry I SP20  Kelly Marville
CHEM 104 General Chemistry II FA19 Christian Ray
CHEM 232 Elementary Organic Chemistry I SP20  David Kell
CHLH 100 Contemporary Health WS20 Jeffery Trask
CHLH 101 Introduction to Public Health SP20  Brynn Adamson & Justine Kaplan
CHLH 206 Human Sexuality SP20  Anna Rinaldi-Miles
CHLH 243 Drug Use and Abuse SP20  Renique Kersh
CI 446 Culture in the Classroom SP20  Nathan Castillo
CI 550 Methods of Educational Inquiry SP20  Rebecca Hinze-Pifer
CLCV 115 Mythology of Greece and Rome SU19 Clayton A Schroer & Clarissa Goebel
CMN 212 Intro to Organizational Comm SU19 Ann L. Bryan & Rachel L. Kimnach
CPSC 518 Crop Growth and Development SP20  DoKyoung Lee
CS 173 Discrete Structures FA19 Mahesh Viswanathan
CS 361 Prob & Stat for Computer Sci SP18 Richard C Barber
CS 412 Introduction to Data Mining SP20  Jiawei Han
CS 425 Distributed Systems FA19 Indranil Gupta
CS 446 Machine Learning SP19 Matus Telgarsky
CS 450 Numerical Analysis FA19 Eric Gene Shaffer
CS 473 Algorithms FA19 Michael A. Forbes
CS 484 Parallel Programming SP20  Laxmikant Kale
CS 543 Computer Vision SP19 Svetlana Lazebnik
ECE 220 Computer Systems & Programming SU19 Ujjal Kumar Bhowmik
ECE 310 Digital Signal Processing SU19 Chandrasekhar Radhakrishnan
ECE 342 Electronic Circuits SU19 Jose E Schutt-Aine
ECON 103 Macroeconomic Principles WS20 Eric McDermott
ECON 203 Economic Statistics II WS20 Ramses Armendariz Buaun
ECON 302 Inter Microeconomic Theory WS20 Bryan Buckley
ECON 420 International Economics WS20 Isaac DiIanni
EIL 411 Intro to TESL Methodology SU19 Hugh Bishop & Randall W Sadler
EIL 422 Engl Grammar for ESL Teachers FA19 Tania Ionin
EIL 460 Principles of Language Testing SU19 Xun Yan
EOL 543 Leading School Improvement FA19 Anjale Welton
EOL 571 Foundation of Higher Edu SU18 Victor Perez
EPOL 585 Ethnographic Methods in Educ FA19 Fauzia Rahman
EPS 310 Race and Cultural Diversity SU19 Theopolies John III Moton
EPSY 556 Analysis of Educational Tech FA19 Mary Kalantzis
ESE 118 Natural Disasters WS20 Steve Altaner
ESE 320 Water Planet, Water Crisis SP20  Todd Cole
ESE 360 Environmental Writing SP20  Aumaine Gruich
ESE 379 Intro to GIS Systems SP20  Fikriyah Winata
GEOG 105 The Digital Earth SU19 Fikriyah Winata
GEOG 204 Cities of the World WS20 Fikriyah Winata
GEOL 100 Planet Earth SU19 Steve Altaner
GLBL 100 Intro to Global Studies WS20 Melissa Rae Goodnight
GWS 100 Intro Gender & Women's Studies WS20 CL Cole
HDFS 105 Intro to Human Development SP20  Jaclyn Theisen
HDFS 120 Intro to Family Studies SP20  Robert Hughes, Jr
HRD 550 Adult & Professional Education SP19 Eunjung Grace Oh
IS 409 Storytelling SU19 Kate McDowell
IS 502 Libraries Info and Society SP20  Caroline Nappo
IS 504 Reference and Info Services SP20  Jeanne Holba-Puacz & Merinda Hensley
IS 505 Adm Mgt of Libs Info Centers SP20  Melissa Wong & Barbara Alvarez
IS 507 Intr to Bibliographic Metadata SP20  Steve Oberg
IS 515 Media Literacy for Youth SP20 Kristen Mattson
IS 542 Data, Stat, Info SP20  Jill Naiman
IS 543 Sociotechnical Info Systems SP20  Jerome McDonough
IS 561 Information Modeling SP20  Jacob Jett
IS 581 Adm and Use Archival Materials SP20  Melissa Salrin
KIN 247 Intro to Sport Psychology SP20  John Adamek
LAS 399 Leadership & Prof Development FA19 Nicole Lamers
LAST 170 Introduction to Latin America SU19 Carol Burga Cahuana
LER 542 Collective Bargaining SU19 Ariel Avgar
LER 545 Economics of Human Resources SU19 Yuanyuan Sun
LER 561 Compensation Systems FA19 Brian Schiller
LER 562 HR Planning and Staffing SP18 Justin Wiegand
LER 591 Employment Relations Systems FA19 Amit Kramer
LER 593 Quantitative Methods in LER FA19 Brian G. Ogolsky
LING 100 Intro to Language Science SU19 Rakesh M. Bhatt
LING 301 Elements of Syntax SU19 Jonathan E. MacDonald
LING 489 Theoretical Foundations of SLA SU19 Randall W Sadler
LLS 100 Intro Latina/Latino Studies SU19 Diana Leon-Boys
MATH 112 Algebra SU19 Alison Reddy
MATH 115 Preparation for Calculus SU19 Alison Reddy
MATH 124 Finite Mathematics SU18 Bruce Carpenter
MATH 220 Calculus SU18 Bruce Carpenter
MATH 231 Calculus II SU19 Bruce Carpenter
MATH 234 Calculus for Business I SU18 Bruce Carpenter
MATH 241 Calculus III SU19 Bruce Carpenter
MATH 285 Intro Differential Equations SU19 Bruce Carpenter
MATH 286 Intro to Differential Eq Plus SU19 Bruce Carpenter
MATH 415 Applied Linear Algebra SU19 Bruce Carpenter
MATH 416 Abstract Linear Algebra SU19 Randy McCarthy
MATH 417 Intro to Abstract Algebra SU19 Randy McCarthy
MATH 441 Differential Equations SU19 Randy McCarthy
MATH 444 Elementary Real Analysis SU19 Randy McCarthy
MATH 446 Applied Complex Variables SU19 Randy McCarthy
MATH 448 Complex Variables SP20  Bruce Carpenter
MATH 461 Probability Theory SP20  Bruce Carpenter
MATH 481 Vector and Tensor Analysis SP20 Bruce Carpenter
ME 410 Intermediate Gas Dynamics FA19 Kelly Stephani
NRES 420 Restoration Ecology FA19 Renee Gracon
NRES 474 Soil and Water Conservation SP18 Ken Olson
PHIL 102 Logic and Reasoning SP20  Adam Edwards
PS 100 Intro to Political Science SP20  Matt Pryor & Lucie Lu
PS 241 Comp Politics in Dev Nations SP20  Sanghoon Kim
PS 280 Intro to Intl Relations SU19 Julian Thomas Scheirer
PSYC 100 Intro Psych WS20 Christine Shenouda
PSYC 201 Intro to Social Psych WS20 Christine Shenouda
PSYC 238 Psychopathol & Probs in Living WS20 Christine Shenouda
PSYC 245 Industrial Org Psych WS20 Christine Shenouda
REHB 330 Disability in American Society SP20  Yih-Kuen Jan
REL 110 World Religions SU19 Jonathan H Ebel
RHET 105 Writing and Research SU19 Kristi McDuffie & Aaron Burstein
RST 516 Finance & Budgeting in RST SP20  William Stewart
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology SP20  Daniel John Steward
SOC 275 Criminology SP20  Meggan J Lee & Hany Zayed
SOC 310 Sociology of Deviance SU19 Meggan J Lee
SOCW 410 Social Welfare Pol and Svcs SU19 Joe Minarik & Gaurav Sinha & Carol Lee
SOCW 427 Social Work Research Methods FA19 Frank Shepke
SOCW 451 HBSE I: Human Development SU19 Libby Houston
SOCW 515 Intg Health Care Pol and Svcs SP20  Kenna E. Dunlap Johnson
SOCW 521 Leadership and Social Change SP20  Gaurav Ranjan Sinha
SOCW 580 Advanced Child Welfare SP20  Judy Havlicek
SOCW 589 Social Work and the Law FA19 William Gurin & Jon Beidelschies
SPAN 307 Bilingualism SU19 Florencia Henshaw
SPED 448 Curriculum Development III FA19 Stacy Dymond
SPED 591 Field Study and Thesis Seminar FA19 Yvonne Carey
STAT 100 Statistics SP20  Karle A Flanagan
STAT 200 Statistical Analysis SP20  Ellen Sue Fireman
STAT 420 Methods of Applied Statistics SP20  David Unger
STAT 440 Statistical Data Management SU18 Christopher Kinson
THEA 101 Introduction to Theatre Arts SP20  JW Morrissette
TRST 410 Transltn-Interp Theory & Prac SP20  Reynaldo J Pagura
UP 418 GIS for Planners SU19 Md Tanvir Hossain Shubho