Zoom: Recommended Default Settings

Screenshot of the Illinois Zoom sign in page

Step 1: Access Zoom Settings

Screenshot of the Meeting Settings tab on the Illinois Zoom account page

Step 2: Select Your Default Settings

Scroll down the page to review settings. You only need to do this once. We have recommended settings listed below in order of appearance. Settings that we think should be set to YES are in bold type while those we think should be NO are in italics. Other settings are going to be as you prefer. There are also definitions of many of these settings in the Zoom Settings web page so you can learn more about them there. Selecting some of these determines whether or not the setting is set to on or off as the default but can still be changed to the other state (on or off) when you actually schedule a meeting.

Schedule Meeting

In Meeting (Basic)

In Meeting (Advanced)

Email Notification


Step 3: Select the Recording Settings (the second tab)

We recommend the following as default settings: