Chapter 9

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Oral-Genital Sex


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Lecture Notes

Oral-genital sex has became part of more Americans sexual scripts in the 20th century. The two types of oral-genital sex are cunnilingus and fellatio, which may be performed singly or simultaneously. Cunnilingus is the erotic stimulation of a women's vulva and/or clitoris by her partner's mouth and tongue. There are certain concerns when administering cunnilingus. Concerns include whether the administering partner is enjoying the act and whether the vulva has an unpleasant odor. This can be eased by washing and checking for vaginal infections. It is recommended that individuals use dental dams when administering cunnilingus. These are non-lubricated latex squares that are placed over the vulva to reduce transmission of HIV and other STIs. They also prevent the mixing of body fluids, thus reducing the risk.

For men, oral sex is called fellatio. This is the oral stimulation of a man's penis by his partner's sucking and licking. The man receiving fellatio should let the partner administering control how deep the penis is in the mouth to avoid gag reflex. And the partner should administer from being on top. Fellatio is the most common position performed by prostitutes on men, and is an important component of homosexual activity. Condom use is strongly recommended and flavored condoms are optional. However, it is important to realize that protection for cunnilingus as well as fellatio is often not used.