Chapter 9

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The Positions


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Lecture Notes

The playfulness of the couple, their movement from one bodily configuration to another, and their ingenuity can provide an infinite variety of sexual intercourse positions.


Face-to-face is the most common postion. When the man is on top, this is often referred to as missionary style. The advantages the man on top include that it is traditional and the official position of our culture, it allows the man maximum activity, movement, and control of coitus, and it also allows the woman freedom to stimulate her clitoris to assist in her orgasm.


The disadvantages of the man on top position is that it is difficult for the man to caress the partner or stimulate her clitoris while supporting himself with his hands. It is also difficult for the woman to control the angle, rate, and depth of penetration of the penis, and it is difficult for some men to control ejaculation due to high stimulation.

The other face-to-face position is the woman on top or the astride. Advantages of it include the woman having the maximum activity, movement, and control, either the woman's labia or clitoris can also be caressed or stimulated, and kissing is easy with the woman on top. In addition is may be less stimulating for men and easier to control their ejaculation. However, there are also disadvantages of the woman on top position. Men or women may feel uneasy about the woman assuming an active role in coitus.

Another position is rear entry. This is when the woman is kneeled supported on her arms and receiving the penis in the vagina from behind. The couple can also lie on their sides with the woman's back to the partner. This position offers variety, is suitable for pregnancy, and facilitates clitoral stimulation by the woman or the man.

Tantric sex is another alternative for sexual behavior activities with others. It is the sharing of energy through minimal thrusting and is based on an Eastern religious beliefs. Tantric sex emphasizes the couple visualizing the energy of the genitals by moving upward in their bodies. With tantric sex comes harmonized breathing and an achievement of intimacy and ecstasy accompanied by looking into each other's eyes.