Chapter 9

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Anal Eroticism


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Lecture Notes

Anal eroticism refers to sexual activities involving the anus, whose delicate membranes make it erotically arousing for many people. These activities include analingus, the licking of the anal region.   Anal-manual contact consists of stimulating the anal region with the fingers; sometimes, an entire fist may be inserted. Anal intercourse refers to the male inserting his erect penis into his partner's anus.   Individuals of all sexual orientations engage in anal eroticism. From a health perspective, anal sex is riskier than most other forms of sexual intercourse. The rectum is particularly acceptable to STIs, and the rectal tissues are easily lacerated, allowing HIV, specifically carried within the semen, to enter the bloodstream. Individuals should only engage in anal sex if knowledge of the STI status of both partners is known and a condom is used. The dental dam can also be used for oral stimulation and licking increases the risk of transmission of HIV, hepatitis, and STIs if it is not used. It is important to keep the anus clean because the intestinal tract, which extends to the anus, carries a variety of microorganisms. In addition, it is recommended that you wash any objects inserted into the anus before insertion into the vagina to reduce the risk of bacterial infections.